Market intelligence to help you outsmart the market.

Intelligent Eye


To succeed in online retail you need to price your products right. Our innovative, web-based application compares and analyses your whole market, helping you to understand price changes and keep a competitive edge.

From your entire inventory down to a single product, see what products competitors sell, how much they sell them for, and more importantly, what you need to do about it.

  • Monitor markets - We keep track of products, prices, promotions and perceptions
  • Spot opportunities - We collect, check and analyse millions of price points across your market, so you know exactly where you are positioned
  • Take action - Our web-based application makes it simple for you to take the right action to maximise margins, boost sales or expand your offer

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Keeping on top of competitor activity adds real business value, but can be such an investment of time that it often doesn't happen. Now there is an easy-to-use solution.

Our website change service ensures you know how and when competitors make a change to their website. It is a completely automated way of keeping track of everything from business announcements and changes in management to new products and marketing campaigns.

  • Check the sites you really care about every day and sends alerts directly to your inbox for new changes
  • Clear and concise format allows you to compare old and new web content
  • Easy-to-use platform stores results and enables analysis and reporting, trending changes over time to assess website and content strategy
  • Can be integrated with all our other customer and market data sources


Acting like your very own press agency, our news monitoring service compiles all the latest news and gossip about you or your competitors making it easy to be informed.

Using advanced keyword search terms, we can identify articles of interest about your or your competitors. Creating information streams useful for key areas of business, from sales to product development and PR.

Your own online portal will hold your library of content that can be searched regularly or on a periodic basis to support strategic reviews and planning.

  • Connections into all major news RSS feeds
  • Integration of specific media of interest to your sector
  • Sophisticated keyword search capability for relevance
  • Article alerts direct to your inbox each day
  • Key metrics tracking to assess PR and communications performance
  • Access to your own news portal for analysis and reporting


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